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New PMP Certifications

Congratulations to all the PMI Baltimore Chapter Members who earned their PMP certification in the last 90 days!

The PMI Baltimore Chapter would like to acknowledge the following members who recently received their PMP credentials.

PMI Baltimore Chapter has 27 registered members
Christopher Czahor
Jennifer Kellar
William Wall
Ryan Zombek
Prithviraj Bhosale
Robert Yeager
Manrico Mirabelli
Kristen Lagna
Mark Parsons
Salvatore Corpina
Stacie Dubovsky
Kenneth Malecki
Jorge Laurel
Jennifer Belsinger
Angela Wright
Fiona Ziemski
George Dansberger
Brian Kantsiper
Caitlin Harvey
Tyrell Ross
Matthew Bouloubasis
Raenetta Ellison
Tyleach Watkins
Hannah Perez
Frank Hines