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Vice President - Membership

John D. Lewis
VP Membership, PMI Baltimore Chapter


As a certified PMP for over 13 years and a Maryland resident for the past 22, I understand the

challenges that face the PMI Baltimore Chapter relating to professional development, geographic
dispersion, and effective communication. To address these challenges, both short-term and long-term
goals must be defined and plans executed - including bringing on-board three new Director positions in
the Membership team - thereby establishing a framework for ongoing and increasing success in
meeting the needs of the PMIBC members, and building a vision for the future.

After joining PMI in March 2004, I earned my PMP in September 2005. Active in project management
for over 20 years, I have seen all levels of involvement and challenges within and outside the chapter.

  • (Jan 2006-Dec 2007) Webmaster
  • (Jan 2009-Dec 2009) Information Resource Officer
  • (Jan 2016-Dec 2016) Membership Director
  • (Jan 2017-Sep 2018) Director of Retention
  • (Sep 2018-present) VP of Membership

In order to maximize the value of chapter, we must reach and engage all members – by realizing the following:

  • Integrate all PMIBC members into a thriving and growing professional environment
  • Expand the reach of the PM profession throughout the geographic region
  • Provide services to our membership which will broaden horizons, sharpen skills, and share talents
  • Leverage new approaches, developing technologies, and proven methods of reaching all members and enabling them to participate effectively

Individuals join the chapter to realize benefits to their own professional development and career,
expand their professional network, connect with other like-minded individuals in a thriving and
expanding venue, and share their own experience and knowledge with others. To that end, the
following goals will move us closer to that vision:

  • Provide the best experience possible for members of the PMI Baltimore Chapter
  • Reach out to all members – and foster connections within the chapter – including veterans, all levels of professional PM experience (including very new PMs and very senior (or retired) PMs)
  • Encourage sharing of professional experience and guidance through a formal mentor program

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PMI Baltimore Chapter will miss Fran Martin

fran2Fran Martin, PMP

Fran Martin’s dedicated service to this chapter will be difficult to replicate. To say that we will miss her is an understatement. She has served in many roles, and on several occasions, too numerous to count. Most notably, she served for many years on the Board of Directors of the PMI Baltimore Chapter as the Vice President of Education, and most recently as Site Finance Director for the Annapolis site.
While we will certainly miss Fran, and we wish her all the best in future journeys as she begins her next life chapter in the Myrtle Beach area. While she may be a bit unsure as to what direction life will take her, we’re betting there will be a non-profit that will benefit from her wisdom and dedication to service. People like Fran can’t be stopped. Helping others is an integral part of who she is.
Best wishes to Fran and THANK YOU from all of us here at PMI Baltimore!