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The new year has started and I envision great things in the coming year for our Chapter. Having just been voted in by you, I will take my place among a list of quite remarkable people. Having volunteered with this chapter since 2009, I have hopes and ideas that, I believe, will take our Chapter to a new level. Thank you for your vote of confidence in me!

Some of my ideas for growth rely on you!

In my years of volunteering, I have heard one complaint from the members.... It was difficult for their voices to be heard and to understand all that the Chapter is doing. One of my first pushes as president is the addition of the Innovation Tank. This will be a feedback mechanism to allow you to come up with ideas and share/discuss them with the board.  

Last year also brought a major significant change, which our Chapter is still adjusting to.... The Website update. I need to hear from you on Comments and Improvements! The Communications team is going to tackle some major challenges with this adjustment and our new VP is implementing some major process improvements.

The Professional Development Event (PDE) for 2017 is set to break all previous records. With the addition of a Student Project Management Video Competition and an Executive (C-Level) Panel, along with Carl Pritchard as Opening Keynote, Mary McNally as Saturday Keynote and Alan Zucker as Closing Keynote, it is expected to be packed with great presentation and information. I look forward to seeing you there!

Education is adding some additional seminars to our list of quality educational offerings and provide our membership with more offerings at reasonable prices.

We have heard your calls for a return of the Golf Tournament! Last year, we were unable to find coordinators to get the tournament off and running. This year, we have put the golf tournament as a priority and will be making this happen through our Special Projects team.

I truly appreciate the dedications that the past Presidents of the last 20 years have had. There were ten (10). Larry Glock was our first president followed by April Wennerberg, John Cook, Nick Clemens, Bob Wallace, yours truly (two terms), Eric Perlstein, Loretta Letke—whom we all miss!, and John Kos.

I want to wish you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Brandy Jones, PMP, SAFe Agilist, Certified Scrum Master

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