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Instructions to Opt In to Receive Chapter Emails ‏

There are three links, the first is a main landing page, and the other two are the main destinations from the landing page: 
  1. List subscription landing page
  2. List subscription sign up page
  3. List subscription unsubscribe page

These are all publicly accessible pages where mail recipients can modify their subscription to the following five mail lists:

  1. General announcements
  2. Upcoming site events
  3. Upcoming PMP Exam Prep courses
  4. Upcoming seminars and special events
  5. Sponsored announcements
These are the lists that most all messages are sent through. There are a few additional internal lists used for special circumstances, which we do not provide specific opt-in/opt-out privileges.

If a member is changing email addresses, it is important that they do so correctly, as we have a semi-monthly member reconciliation process against PMI.ORG, wherein the PMI.ORG record overwrites our records. As a PMI member and you are updating your email address, it is important to update your email address and communication preferences on your PMI.ORG profile. This is critical, so that when the next semi-monthly reconciliation is done, their email address in our records is not *incorrectly* overwritten by old data from PMI.ORG.

It is also important that this is done in this fashion, as we have an internal chapter member mailing list that is NOT publicly accessible for opt-in. This list is used for critical chapter communications ONLY, such as changes to Chapter Bylaws, elections, etc.


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