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A Message from Nick Clemens

Nick ClemensJoyce Kloch, PMP and Robert Bishop, PMP were long time members of the PMI Baltimore Chapter. Joyce was our Vice President for Communications and Bob was our Vice President for Educations. I knew them personally and worked with them as a board member up to their deaths.

Bob was an engineer’s engineer and a master at project management. Joyce was also a hard working and dedicated project manger who exhibited unparalleled professional competency. Both Joyce and Bob demonstrated the highest degree of integrity in every thing they did with the chapter.

Joyce was always supporting the chapter through the publication of the chapter’s newsletter and in representing the chapter at the PMI headquarters. Bob was a long time instructor for our certification classes. I don’t know of any other individuals who surpass these two for their dedication to the profession of project management and for their support of the Baltimore PMI Chapter.

As you may guess, their deaths came as quite a shock to the Board. In a real sense we still have not completely replaced the dedication and enthusiasm that left with their departing. Both Joyce and Bob worked very hard to promote project management education and training through the newsletter and courses taught as part of our PMP certification program. I have been awed at the lifelong accomplishments of both Joyce and Bob. It is both fitting and appropriate that in their memory we institute a scholarship program that will continue the education and training of new project managers over time.

I am grateful for your interest in the Bishop/Kloch Scholarship fund.


Nicholas Clemens, PMP
The Baltimore PMI Chapter