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Annapolis Dinner Meeting - The Impact of Culture on Project Management Success - 23 Jan 2019

01-23-2019 5:45 pm -8:30 pm
Non Member Price $40; Members $38; Group Rates are available

 PMI Baltimore Chapter – Annapolis Site Dinner Meeting

This educational event qualifies for 1.00 PDU within the PMI Talent Triangle - Leadership

The Impact of Culture on Project Management Success


When Think started consulting in operations in 2003, we entered an industry with a massive 68% project fail rate that kept sliding downward. Why would a system with such a dismal record continue unchanged? Even then, fifteen years ago, we knew that something was missing. Something was off balance.

We looked at the Triple Constraint Model and found the parameters of time, cost, and scope/quality left out the critical component of business value. We determined that the true purpose of operations is adding value to the company.  We looked at the value of individual initiatives as the primary indicator for whether to move forward or not and we advocated for free exchange of information from the board room to the conference room, so we knew the true value equation and could speak out whenever costs loomed larger than benefits—regardless of how far along the operation had progressed.  Strategic Alignment was also a factor. With the goal of capturing the maximum Business Value we softened the walls of the Iron Triangle. We developed the concept of the three-sided table and gave more ownership to project leaders.  We adapted to empower Agile and counter those who rejected project management.

We turned to the human element and focused on improving our team, identified key traits of high achievers, trained them in Limbic Learning and built a high effective group of operators.   Effectiveness acted as currency. Effective people carried weight that could alter the course of events within the company.  However, on occasion, even effectiveness currency wasn’t enough. Push too hard and that person felt a recoil that could land them on the sidewalk, regardless if they were the Chairman of the Board or the CEO.   Why?

Some force held everything within an invisible framework, like the glass on an aquarium. Finally, we got it. That glass was culture.  See it clearly and you’ll be empowered.  Ignore it and 68% of the time, you’ll go down with the ship.  In this presentation, I’ll share the journey that every project manager must take to recognize and use culture as a tool to finally unlock project success.


Tony Gruebl, Six Sigma Black Belt


Venue and Time:

Doubletree by Hilton Annapolis

210 Holiday Court, Annapolis MD 21401


Top of Form

5:45-6:20pm - Check-in and Networking time -

6:20-7:15pm - Dinner

7:15-8:30pm - Presentation - Feedback Discussion

NOTE:  We will also be highlighting any people hiring and those that are looking.

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Columbia Lunch Meeting - Toxic Employees-Toxic Workplaces

Non Member Price

PMI Baltimore Site - Columbia Lunch Meeting

Monday, January 28th 2019

This educational event qualifies for 1.00 PDU within the PMI Talent Triangle - Leadership Project Management


Toxic Employees - Toxic Workplaces


Mauricio Velasquez



Charles I. Ecker Business Training Center
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046


11:30 AM - Check-in, networking, and lunch

12:00 - 1:00 PM - Presentation


Harford Site Dinner - Raising the Bar by Carl Pritchard

02-12-2019 5:30 pm -8:00 pm

Raising the Bar - Taking on Opportunities as They Present Themselves

We all came to project management through circuitous routes.  There's no single common path.  There's no single best way.  Everyone had an opportunity to take on the role...and then the title...and then the challenges of being a PM.  In this engaging, hands-on hour, Carl Pritchard returns to the Harford Site of PMI Baltimore to offer his thoughts on how to become a more opportunistic project manager...in the best sense of the phrase.  Carl examines how we all can raise the bar on our professional lives, and open new doors and new possibilities on a daily, weekly, and lifetime basis.  You'll develop a game plan for the days ahead, and learn how to establish the best opportunities (and sort them from the dregs). 

Carl is the "risk guy" of project management (both threat and opportunity), and is the author of seven books, hundreds of articles, and serves as the U.S. Correspondent for the British project management magazine, Project Manager Today.  He sits on the board of directors of ProjectConnections.com

This meeting will qualify for 1 hour of Strategic & Business Management credit.

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