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11-28-2018 5:45 pm -8:30 pm
Annapolis Double Tree by Hilton
Annapolis Double Tree by Hilton
120 Holiday Ct, Annapolis, MD 21401, USA
Non Member Price $38; Members $34; Group Rates are available

 PMI Baltimore Chapter – Annapolis Site Dinner Meeting

This educational event qualifies for 1.00 PDU within the PMI Talent Triangle - Leadership

It's Your Career--Manage It!

Abstract: You Are Here: X   Now What?You may have planned on being a project management professional or maybe you are what is referred to as an “accidental Project Manager”.  How you got here is irrelevant. Where you go from here is critical and essentially up to you.  You have control of the transformation process. You alone can determine if you just have a “job” or is project management a “career” choice?   The need for demonstrated performance and the subsequent “value add” cries out to the PM profession.  The PM is expected to make the impossible, possible! The PM is expected to convert groups of matrixed individuals working together into focused high performance teams with sustainable productivity improvement.  

You must never forget that becoming a credentialed Project Management Professional (PMP) is the beginning, not the end, of your professional journey.  You must commit to practicing what the PMP credential preaches.  As they say, “Talk is cheap”.  Are you among the ranks of those that don’t just talk about it, they “do it”?

Each individual must honestly assess where they are and then work hard formulating and executing a plan to get them where they want to be.  Is your  personal talent triangle equilateral?  Have you achieved balance and competence in your Technical, Leadership and Strategic/Business expertise sufficient to enable you to meet the evolving demands of your profession?

The purpose of a professional development conference is to present opportunities to learn the tools and techniques that will enable you to understand what you can do to sustain a high level of performance and empower your career in project management AND contribute to the success of your organization.   Hopefully, you attended conferences for more than the Professional Development Units (PDU) necessary to statistically maintain your credential.  Earning PDUs should be secondary to enhancing your value add performance on the job.  When you learn you earn!

This presentation will bring it all together.  The importance of what the learning opportunities provided, how you must go forward and “prove” you are a PMP every day will be emphasized.  Lee R. Lambert, PMI Fellow and one of the Founders of the PMP in the 80s, will drive the points home, while challenging each and every person to go forward understanding the importance of their job and the reason to constantly practice self improvement, while working toward becoming “all that you can be”!

Nobody ever said project management was easy.  But, Lee will demonstrate, using real world examples, why effective project managers are in demand throughout the world.  He will confirm how the tools and techniques of the trade are powerful—if used correctly.  Project management is hard work, no doubt.  But hard work becomes enjoyable when do it well.  You will leave this presentation with a new perspective of the role you can play! It will be up to you where you go from X.


Lee Lambert, PMP, PMI Fellow

Venue and Time:

Doubletree by Hilton Annapolis

210 Holiday Court, Annapolis MD 21401


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5:45-6:20pm - Check-in and Networking time -

6:20-7:15pm - Dinner

7:15-8:30pm - Presentation - Feedback Discussion

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38.00 USD 13

12-03-2018 11:30 am -1:00 pm
Columbia Site - Howard County Business Training Center
Columbia Site - Howard County Business Training Center
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, 1st Fl., Rm 5
Non Member Price

PMI Baltimore Site - Columbia Lunch Meeting

Monday, December 3rd 2018

This educational event qualifies for 1.00 PDU within the PMI Talent Triangle - Leadership Project Management


Millennials: How to Successfully Manage the Growing Workforce


Katie Savin-Murphy



Charles I. Ecker Business Training Center
6751 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046


11:30 AM - Check-in, networking, and lunch

12:00 - 1:00 PM - Presentation

17.00 USD

12-11-2018 11:30 am -1:00 pm
CACI Building
CACI Building
2720 Technology Dr Annapolis Junction, MD 20701
$17.00 non-members; $14.00 members

Rescheduled to December


Quantitative Feedback - 

There is a case to be made regarding the benefit of having a rigorous and dynamic quantitative feedback mechanism throughout the life cycle.  The purpose of this seminar is to discuss in detail the benefits and challenges of establishing life cycle measurements. To include: 

• Clarifying why metrics are of benefit for managing to the triple constraint of cost, scope and schedule.

• Discussing the impact of some common and often unavoidable pitfalls of the development life cycle

• Outlining the benefit of using metrics to support risk/issue avoidance and mitigation, and for an objective feedback

• Guidance on establishing measurable links between scheduled activities

• Specifying the type of measures are most useful in a basic process

• Sample formats and content for metrics data collection and reporting - simple to complex

17.00 $ 38

12-12-2018 5:30 pm -8:00 pm
Harford Site - Green Turtle - Harford Mall
Harford Site - Green Turtle - Harford Mall
696 Belair Rd, Bel Air, MD 21014, USA


The impact of Culture on Project Management Success:

When Think started consulting in operations in 2003, we entered an industry with a massive 68% project fail rate that kept sliding downward. Why would a system with such a dismal record continue unchanged? Even then, fifteen years ago, we knew that something was missing. Something was off balance.

We looked at the Triple Constraint Model and found the parameters of time, cost, and scope/quality left out the critical component of business value. We determined that the true purpose of operations is adding value to the company.  Business Value = Benefit – Cost.

We looked at the value of individual initiatives as the primary indicator for whether to move forward or not and we advocated for free exchange of information from the board room to the conference room, so we knew the true value equation and could speak out whenever costs loomed larger than benefits—regardless of how far along the operation had progressed. Strategic Alignment was also a factor. Only initiatives in alignment with the company’s purpose and goals were worth pursuing.  With the goal of capturing the maximum Business Value we softened the walls of the Iron Triangle. To capture more value, the time, cost and scope must adjust as opportunity demands. We developed the concept of the three-sided table and gave more ownership to project leaders.  We adapted to empower Agile and counter those who rejected project management.

We turned to the human element and focused on improving our team. We identified key traits of high achievers, trained them in Limbic Learning and built a kick-ass group of operators.   Effectiveness acted as currency. Effective people carried weight that could alter the course of events within the company.  However, on occasion, even effectiveness currency wasn’t enough. Push too hard and that person felt a recoil that could land them on the sidewalk, regardless if they were the Chairman of the Board or the CEO.  

Why?  Some force held everything within an invisible framework, like the glass on an aquarium. Finally, we got it. That glass was culture.  See it clearly and you’ll be empowered.  Ignore it and 68% of the time, you’ll go down with the ship.

In this presentation, I’ll share the journey that every project manager must take to recognize and use culture as a tool to finally unlock project success.


This meeting will qualify for 1 hour of Leadership credit.

32.00 $ 29

01-18-2019 8:00 am -5:00 pm

“Project and Team Leadership - Building Healthy Teams and Successful Projects"

  • Project and Team Leadership - Building Healthy Teams and Successful Projects

  Presented by: DAVID BARETT

        DATE:       January 18, 2019 8:00 AM - 4:00PM

        LOCATION: Howard Community College Business Training Center
                            6751 Columbia Gateway Dr, Columbia, MD 21046
                            Phone(443) 518-1660
        PDUS: 7.5
        STYLE: Interactive Workshop
        Non Member Price: $449

David Barrett

Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business, York University
National Program Director

David is a professional speaker specializing in the project leadership field.

David has been in the business of project management since 1997. He is the founder and past Managing Director of ProjectWorld, ProjectSummit and BusinessAnalystWorld conferences held around the world.

He is the National Program Director for all Project Management training out of the Schulich Executive Education Centre, Schulich School of Business, York University in Toronto, Canada and in partnership with nine other universities across Canada.

He is the founder and past Executive Director of ProjectTimes.com.

He published two books in 2013 - The Power of the Plan – Empowering the Leader in You! – PM Light for everyday Projects and The Keys to Our Success – Lessons learned for 25 Professional PMs – a compilation of 25 chapters from 25 PMs on what makes them successful.
David has been a member in good standing of the PMI since 1997. Although it risks showing his age, he is proud of his ‘relatively’ low membership number of 61472!


449.00 $

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