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March 2010

Fellow Members,

I hope this note finds our membership well and full of hope as we enter a new year. It is my intent to deliver a Quarterly Chapter Status to our membership so I can communicate to you how we are progressing as a chapter and to report our accomplishments, plans, and concerns going forward. We are also reaching out to our membership via our annual survey which was released this week. Please take the time to participate so you can help us help you in meeting your expectations as being a member of our Chapter.

Our membership status for the last 3 months continues to hold in the 2,400 range. We did notice a 5% increase in new PMP’s for this quarter. Our objective through our recruiting efforts is to increase our Chapter Membership by 10% annually as well as increase our retention of time by improving our offerings to the Chapter membership. Some of the efforts to drive this increase are the Chapter’s support to local academia by providing an industry bridge to respective universities and leverage the experience and knowledge which are membership offer. We are currently in the process of incorporating both a Mentor/Protégé program as well as an internship program which will support the needs that have been identified.

I am happy to report that we are currently working with the University of Maryland – Baltimore County (UMBC) and have agreed to move our Hanover Site meeting to UMBC once every semester. We have our first meeting set for April 22, 2010 at UMBC and we have already reached our maximum for this event which is 100. The format will remain the same as far as our normal meeting, yet this will be the first time the Chapter will be promoting student membership as well as special promotions for student members which include scholarship opportunities and potential Grant funding for interested education institutions.

The Chapter’s Education Seminar continues to roll quite smoothly. The Chapter will have delivered 3 PMP Prep courses by mid April as well as 2 Corporate PMP Training courses. If you or your organization is interested in this type of training, please contact John Kos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Chapter will have also delivered 2 knowledge area specific training opportunities which include Risk Management Boot Camp offered by our friend Carl Pritchard and Earned Value Management using MS Project which is delivered by our partner Steve Edwards of Edwards Project Solutions. Shortly, we will be posting our 2010 full schedule of Seminars and training events so you can plan and budget for the remainder of the year.

Back in January, our membership received a PMI Baltimore Chapter Membership Card, which was the first step in introducing the Chapter Mechanization Project. The objective for this effort is to offer to our membership the through our Event Registration System ability to post all PDU activity for our membership in support of Chapter specific activities. Originally it was only approved for 1 / 2 PDU events. Through the hard work of Bob Wallace, the Chapter was able to receive approval that all Chapter Sponsored events, of any PDU value, the Chapter can provide electronic submission and validation that our memberships participated in a particular event. This is a new benefit to our membership and as of 5 events; the system is stable and working well. An example of the success, our last Columbia Site meeting was held on March 22. Of the 87 attendees, which happed to be our largest Site Meeting record to date; 50 of those attendees who are Chapter members used the card and were quite impress. The remaining 37 who were not members suddenly became very interested in becoming members because of the special member benefits. A special thanks to Bob Wallace for the development of this system as well as providing ongoing support and Mike Berendt for coordinating training for our various sites and their respective volunteers.

The Chapter has released an RFP to support the facelift of our website. This improvement will take advantage of social media capability, improve interactivity, and enhance our ability to reach out to you. Responses are due March 31 and we hope to have an award by April 15th.

And finally, a special acknowledgment to Bob Wallace, who has served on our Board for close to 6 years has stepped down as VP – Finance due to extended work obligations and not enough time to provide the Chapter the time its needs to oversee the position responsibilities. Bob will remain on the Board as Past President and will fill the role as described in our By-Laws. Amber Roy, PMP and current Timonium Site Director who has supported the Chapter for the last 6 years has agreed to fill the role until elections take place the end of this year.

As always, my availability is always open. I am open for comments and suggestion as to how we can better serve our membership.

Eric W. Perlstein, PMP, RMP
PMI Baltimore Chapter
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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